SCTPLS Data Analysis Project


The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences is pleased to announce its new Data Library and Analysis Project. The goal of the project is to facilitate the testing of new software, algorithms, and computational procedures for nonlinear dynamical phenomena. The materials for the project will be housed on this web site. For more information about how to contribute data, or submit data analysis reports, go here.



Data sets available


US inflation rate:datadescription


Mental fatigue:datadescription


Island Commission game leadership ratings:data description


Blood sugar levels of a diabetes patient, taken by patient herself


Daily census data from a midwestern hospital, includes emergency room




Links to data



         U.S. Federal statistics

         U.S. Census 2000

         USDA Farm income

         U.S. Consumer price index

         Global population dynamics

         Statistics Canada

         Eurostat data shop

         Australian Bureau of Statistics

         Statistics Finland

         Japanese Statistics Bureau

         Yahoo's directory of government statistics

         U.K. National Statistics

         Economic time series page

         FRED, an economic time series database

         The Data Zone



         Sunspot numbers:site1site2 site3

         International GPS data

         Biogeochemical cycles in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda

         Joint Institute for the Study of Atmospheres and Oceans

         Community Climate System

         Artic Theme Page

         Date of Easter



         Neuronal Time Series Analysis (NTSA) Workbench

         Woodlawn Mental Health Longitudinal Community Epidemiological Project

o PhysioNet - Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals

o Research Resources for Complex Physiologic Signals at The National Center for Research Resources.



         National Center for Education Statistics (U.S.)

         Bureau of Justice Statistics (U.S.)

         Bureau of Transportation Statistics (U.S.)

         Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive

         National Election Studies

         Mississippi state population data



         74 time series data files from the University of York

         A collection of 800 time series data files from Monash University

         Forecasting competition from the Institute of International Forecasters

         A dozen various data sets from Duke University

         Some strange attractor data

         Time series data protocol project

         Electronic data services at Columbia University

         Princeton University data library

         Searching for British data

         Data page at UC-Davis