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Vol. 22 No. 03 (April 2015) View Issue
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Vol. 22 No. 01 (October 2014) View Issue
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Vol. 21 No. 03 (April 2014) View Issue
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Vol. 21 No. 01 (October 2013) View Issue
6th INSC Conference Radboud University, Nijmegen Netherlands
News from SCTPLS Labs
2013 Business Meeting Minutes and Report
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 20 No. 04 (July 2013) View Issue
SCTPLS 2013 – Portand Abstracts to Presentations
Practical Application of Complexity Theories to Lobbying
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
6th INSC in 2014
Vol. 20 No. 03 (March 2013)
   Issue not available.
SCTPLS 2013 Portland: Speakers, Nonlinear Methods Workshop, Call for Papers
Cognitive Workload and Fatigue in an N-back Task
Limited Cycles of Heart Rate Variability
Book Review: Robust Chaos and its Applications
Nebraska Biomechanical Core Facility
Vol. 20 No. 02 (January 2013) View Issue
CFP: 23rd Annual International Conference, Portland
Nonlinear Networks on Linked-In
NDS in Ergonomics Research
Emergence of Team Neurodynamics
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf – Compilation, part 1
2013 Annual Poster
Solution to Crossword Puzzle #1
Vol. 20 No. 01 (October 2012) View Issue
Trend Topics in Nonlinear Science Conferences
Candidates' Statements for President-elect
Business Meeting Notes, 22nd Annual Conference
News from Members and Obituaries
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Wonderful Webbage: New Software Available
Crossword Puzzle #1
Save the Date: 23rd Annual International Conference, Portland
Vol. 19 No. 04 (July 2012) View Issue
Abstracts to 22nd Annual Int'l SCTPLS Conference, Baltimore
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 19 No. 03 (April 2012) View Issue
Call for Papers, 22nd Annual Int'l SCTPLS Conference, Baltimore
Guest Speakers and Workshops
Experiential Balancing Therapy
News from Members
News from SCTPLS Labs
Historic Baltimore
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Greetings from Barcelona
Vol. 19 No. 02 (January 2012) View Issue
Invitation to 5th International Nonlinear Science Conference, Barcelona
Keynote Speakers for INSC
President's Statement
Membership Committee Report
Self-Complexity and the Interpretation of Entropy and Information Statistics
European Conference on Complex Systems 2011 (ECCS'11) Report
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Announcing 22nd Annual International SCTPLS Conference, Baltimore
News from SCTPLS Labs
SCTPLS Poster for 2012
Now Available from CRC Press: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using Real Data
Vol. 19 No. 01 (October 2011) View Issue
Call for Abstracts: 5th International Nonlinear Science Conference
News from Members
Report from 2011 Business Meeting
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 18 No. 04 (August 2011) View Issue
2011 Conference Abstracts
News from Members
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
NDPLS Indexed in Web of Science, Impact Factor
Vol. 18 No. 03 (April 2011) View Issue
21st Annual International Conference: Call for Papers
21st Conference: Nonlinear Methods Workshop
21st Conference: Guest Speakers Polemnia G. Amazeen, Thomas J. Dishion
Chaos and Complexity: Mainstream Science, Fad, Paradigm, or What?
News from Members
Capitol Chaos
Cognitive Aspects of Chaos in Random Networks
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 18 No. 02 (January 2011) View Issue
21st Annual International Conference - Invitation and Call for Papers
Nonlinear Dynamics in Stock Prices: Traders' Creativity in Complex Information
Advances in Brain Connectivity
NDPLS Call: Dynamics of Brain Functioning
News from Members
Guest Speaker for Sunset Session: Polemnia Amazeen
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 18 No. 01 (October 2010) View Issue
David Pincus Elected Next SCTPLS President
SCTPLS 2011 Conference at Chapman University
2010 Annual Business Meeting
NDPLS Citation Report 2010
Members' News
Special Theme Article Collection: Nonlinearity & Sustainability
Little Known Facts and Circumstances of the Society's Roots
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 17 No. 04 (July 2010)
   Issue not available.
2010 Conference Abstracts
Vol. 17 No. 03 (April 2010) View Issue
Call for Abstracts SCTPLS 2010
Philip Salem, Featured Guest Speaker
Dynamic Pre-Conference Workshops
Registration Information
Critical SCTPLS Dates
Highlights of the INSC Conference
Swarming Robotics
Members' News
From the Rosetta Stone to Temes
Vol. 17 No. 02 (January 2010) View Issue
Dick Thompson Re-elected President
Announcing SCTPLS 2010
Conference Keynotes
2010 SCTPLS Call for Abstracts
The Nonlinear Dynamics of Pre-conference Learning
SCTPLS Conference Registration
Critical SCTPLS Dates
INSC Featured Speakers
Get Ready, Set, Go to the INSC!
Members' News
Nonlinear News Announcements
Other Conferences Coming Up
Detractor - To be considered
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 17 No. 01 (October 2009) View Issue
SCTPLS 2010 Conference Host: Texas State University
2009 Annual Business Meeting
Members' News
The Society's New Blog
Call for Papers: 4th INSC in Sicily
Call for Papers: Two Special Issues of NDPLS
Other Announcements
Bios Research 2007-2009
Vol. 16 No. 04 (July 2009)
   Issue not available.
2009 Conference Abstracts
Vol. 16 No. 03 (April 2009) View Issue
Pre-Conference Workshops
Conference Keynote Speakers
The 4th INSC in Sicily
Members' News & More News
Resilience Engineering
Interview with Psyche's Veil Author
Conference Registration Form
Vol. 16 No. 02 (January 2009) View Issue
Letter from the President-elect
Announcing 2009 Conference Keynotes
2009 Pre-Conference Workshops
Conference Registration
Critical Dates
Members' News
In Memoriam: Gottfried Mayer
MathSciNet Indexes NDPLS
Other Conference, Training, and Funding Announcements
On Clinical Paradoxes Seen from Chaotic Psychoanalysis
The Snowflake 2008 Conference: A Personal Commentary, Part III
The Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 16 No. 01 (October 2008) View Issue
2008 SCTPLS Post-conference notes
2008 SCTPLS Business meeting
NDPLS Journal Citation Report 2008
Candidates for SCTPLS President
Members' News
Complexity and Social Entrepreneurship
NSF Funding Opportunity
Re-View Corner
Recollections of a Misfit
Chaos, Complexity and Conflict
Showflake 2008 ChaoConference Part II
Article Alerts
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 15 No. 03 (July 2008) View Issue
Organizer's Welcome
Keynote Speakers and Abstracts
2008 Conference Program
Workshop Abstracts
Abstracts Alphabetized by Author
Understanding the Lights of Taverna
New SCTPLS Book: Chaos and Complexity in Psychology
Vol. 15 No. 02 (April 2008)
   Issue not available.
Conference Lift-off Workshops Announced
Special Guest Conference Speakers Announced
Key Conference "What to Knows"
Critical Dates for 2008 SCTPLS Conference
Annual SCTPLS Poster
Members' News
Ongoing Calls for SCTPLS Newsletter Submissions
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Re-View Corner
Non-Euclidity of Living Systems, System Specific Relationship, and Self-scaled
Relationships of Relationships
Some Highlights from the 3rd International Nonlinear Science Conference, Tokyo
Vol. 15 No. 02 (January 2008) View Issue
Announcing 2008 conference Location & Historic Lodging Elegance
2008 SCTPLS Conference Call for Papers
Lazzarini Re-elected SCTPLS President
Guastello Appointed to New Term as NDPLS Editor
Members' News
Little Known Facts & Circumstances of the Society's Roots
Publication Committee Report
Top 40 Booklist 2003-2007
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Re-View Corner
Other Calls for Papers & Conference Announcements
Vol. 15 No. 01 (October 2008) View Issue
Another Great Conference
PsycEXTRA Indexes SCTPLS Conference Abstracts
Report on 2007 Business Meeting
Re-View Corner
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Written Any Good Books Lately?
Calls for Papers & Conference Announcements
Vol. 14 No. 04 (July 2007)
   Issue not available.
SCTPLS 2007 Conference Schedule
SCTPLS 2007 Conference Abstracts
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 14 No. 03 (April 2007) View Issue
INSC 2008 in Tokyo
News from Members
APA Advanced Training Institute on Nonlinear Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
The Double Bind (Book review)
What are Dynamic Decisions?
The SCTPLS 17th Conference: Call for Papers,
The SCTPLS 17th Conference Guest Speakers,
The SCTPLS 17th Conference Workshops,
The SCTPLS 17th Conference Registration
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 14 No. 02 (January 2007) View Issue
Ivelisse Lazzarini Elected SCTPLS President
Call for Papers:
Members' Publications
When Too Much is Funny: Chaos and the Path to Humor
Book review
Revisions to the Articles of Organization Approved
Articles of Organization
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 14 No. 01 (October 2006) View Issue
Chaos in Orange
President's Letter
Temporal Observer Perspectives
SCTPLS Business Meeting Notes
Committee Reports
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 13 No. 04 (August 2006) View Issue
SCTPLS Conference Program
Alphabetical List of Authors & Abstracts
David Popivanov (1940-2006)
Daniel W. Miller
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Report of the Constitutional Committee
Vol. 13 No. 03 (April 2006) View Issue
SCTPLS Annual Conference Keynotes Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD,
Finding Order in the Flow of Human Experience: The Re-Emergence of Dynamical
Social Psychology
Information Flow and Symmetry Breaking in Interpersonal Coordination
Scholarship Benefi ts for Students Members at the Annual SCTPLS Conference
SCTPLS Tutorial Page - Call for Contributions
New Chaos and Complexity Resources for Students and Teachers
Member in the News: Richard P. Taylor Casts Doubt on Authenticity of Pollock Paintings Based on Fractal Analysis
Other Member News
Tobi Zausner is Featured Artist for NDPLS 2007
14th Annual Winter Chaos Conference Feb. 3-5 2006 University of Pittsburgh
Stories, Sparks, and Explanatory Power: Report from the Membership Committee
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Parking Details
Apartment-Style Accommodations
Valuing Forests: A Selective Survey
Vol. 13 No. 02 (January 2006) View Issue
SCTPLS Annual Conference to be held at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Workshops at the Baltimore Conference
CFP and Instructions for Presenters
Publication Opportunity
Presidents' Letter
2nd International Nonlinear Science Conference
Koen DePryck to be new newsletter editor
Chaoforum New Discussion Group
Daddy, Why are People so Complex?
Reply to Bob Porter
A Report from the Field
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
NDPLS Citation Report 2005
Vol. 13 No. 01 (October 2005) View Issue
Koopmans Elected for Second Term
Election Results Reported
SCTPLS Conference Baltimore, MD, Summer, 2006
Annual 2005 Conference in Denver a Success
President's Letter
New Constitutional Review Committee is Formed
Sara Ross to Lead New Membership Committee
SCTPLS forms Strategic Agreement with ISCE Publishing
A New Perspective on Complexity and Education
Member News
Letters to the Editor
Report from the Cusp
Irregular Dynamics of Self-Regulation
2nd International Nonlinear Science Conference
Mary Ann Metzger Honored at Denver Conference
Jacobson Appointed Public Relations Officer
SCTPLS Business Meeting Minutes
Publications Committee Report
Treasurer's Report
Vol. 12 No. 04 (July 2005) View Issue
15th Annual International Conference Issue
University of Denver Campus Map
2005 Conference Schedule
News from Members
Vol. 12 No. 03 (April 2005) View Issue
Conference Description and Highlights
Important Dates for Denver Conference
Presidents Letter
Conference Speakers Topics Announced
Overview of Workshops
Blueberry Brain Institute's 12th Annual Winter Chaos Conference
Reports from the Cusp
Risk Perception when the Tsunami Arrived
International Nonlinear Sciences Conference II, March 2006
Exuberance for Dick Bird's book, Chaos and Life
Society Secretary's Farewell Letter
NDPLS Plans Special Issues on Nonlinear Methods
The Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Special Feature
News from Members
The Emergence of a New Journal
Media Committee Plan Approved
Chaos is a Required Course at Marquette
Vol. 12 No. 02 (January 2005)
   Issue not available.
Mile High Conference in Denver
Instructions for Abstracts
Location, Accommodations, Registration
Publication Opportunity
Douglas Vickers
From Prof. Robert Gregson
From Prof. Phillip Smith
Esther Thelen, Pioneer in the Application of Nonlinear Science to Child Development, Dies
Presidents Letter
Directorship Change at the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
12th Annual Snowflake Conference
Nonlinear Dynamics in Psychology and Life Sciences Added to Prestigious Database
Profs. Marc Lewis and L. Douglas Kiel to Speak
News from Members
Workshops for 15th Annual International Conference
Book Announcements
Vol. 12 No. 01 (October 2004) View Issue
Koopmans new president-elect
Denver chosen for summer, 2005
Former SCTPLS Prez' Mud-Meter Monitors Kerry/Bush Campaign
Presidents Letter
President-Elect's Letter
Stanley Awarded Coveted Boltzmann Medal
Meeting of the Minds in Milwaukee
SCTPLS Business Meeting Minutes
Treasurer's Report
Publications Committee Report
Nominations and Elections Committee Report
INSC Starts Rolling for 2006
New Media Relations Committee
New Ad Campaign Lifts Off
Editors Prime Cuts
New 2-Year Membership Option
Who's Who in the Society
Vol. 11 No. 03 (April 2004)
   Issue not available.
Impressions of Havana
Presentations and Papers
Opening Addresses
Presidents Letter to Members
ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Description and Highlights
Featured Speakers
Key Dates for Conference Schedule
Lodging Too!
Meet the Members
NDPLS Citations up 43%
Two Things You Can do to Help
Reports from the Cusp
Blueberry Brain Institutes 11th Annual Winter Chaos Conference
Prediction Dynamics To Provide Universities With Software Grants For Quantitative Finance Research
Registration Materials
Vol. 11 No. 02 (January 2004) View Issue
President's Letter
Holly Arrow President Elect
Special Committees Report
Publications Committee Report
Books and Alternative Media
Editorial Board Appointments
2005 Art Feature
Education and Training Committee Report
Constitutional Review Committee: First Report 12/31/03
Program Committee Report
INSC Planning Committee Report
Membership Committee Report
Two Things YOU Can Do to Help!
Chaos and Emergence: A New Living Symbol for our Time?
Pi in the Sky:
Brief Reflections on Math, Metaphors and Models
Economics Workshop Announced
Complexity Institute Review
Stanley Krippner Honored with Ashely Montague Peace Award
Art Exhibit Announced
Blueberry Brain Institute's 11th Annual Winter Chaos Conference:
Big NDPLS Launch:
Turbulent Year for All Journals
NEWS From Members
Selections of Recent Publications of Possible Interest to Members
14th Annual International Conference
Vol. 11 No. 01 (October 2003) View Issue
Holly Arrow Assumes Presidency / New Committees Announced
Boston Pleases Members Once Again
New Education and Membership Committees
New 2-Year Membership Option
Denver or Milwaukee in 2004
NSF Sponsors Workshop, E-Book on Nonlinear Methods
Springer-Verlag Sold, Publishers Consolidate
President's Letter
Who's Who in the Society
Minutes of the SCTPLS Business Meeting Boston, MA, USA, August 10, 2003
Treasurer's Report
Useful Hints for Recording the Universe
2nd Annual Session on Dynamical Systems
Nonlinear Dynamical Book Catalog
How the N.D.B. Works
New Book Announcements
Meg Spohn Nominated for President of the Society Candidacy Statement
Holly Arrow Nominated for President of the Society Candidacy Statement
Vote for President-Elect Ballot
Vol. 10 No. 04 (August 2003) View Issue
New Publisher for Nonlinear Dyanmics, Psychology, and Life Sciences
Ruth Mateos de Cabo Captures New Members, Wins Prize
SCTPLS 2003 Conference Abstracts Alphabetical Listing by First Author
New Web Site
New Cover and Art Feature
Special Issue on Agent-Based Models
Manuscripts Accepted for NDPLS
Book Review: Chaos and Time-Series Analysis
Book Review: The Nonlinear Workbook, 2nd Edition
Vol. 10 No. 03 (March 2003) View Issue
Boston COnference Plans
Letter to Membership: Postscripts to INSC 2003, Vienna, Austria
Big Questions, Tough Problems (or) My Love Affair with Chaos
INSC 2003 Report
Accident Analysis and Prevention Workshop Planned for Boston
NDPLS Has Impact!
New Society Web PAge Editor Named
Complexity Digest Features INSC 2003
Audio Recordings of Presnetaions
Who's Who in the Society
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Vol. 10 No. 02 (January 2003) View Issue
Society Returns to Boston
Holly Arrow President Elect
James Yorke Wins Japan Prize
President's Letter
Large Turnout Expected INSC 2003 Vienna Meeting on Track
Terror at Portland
Stanley Krippner Honored by APA
Robert Gregson Honored in Portland
Kevin Dooley Appointed Trustee
Is There a Role for NLDS Theory in Teaching the Practice of Psychotheraphy?
Anthropologist Clifford Brown to Speak at Boston Meeting
Catherine Dibble to Present Agent-Based Computational Laboratories Workshop at Boston Meeting
Data Base Resources Expanded
Structural Equations Tutorial Available on Web Site
Obituary Art Winfree
Kluwer Sold
Grawemeyer Award Nominations Sought
An SCTPLS Wedding
Two Things You Can Do to Help
Conferences and Other Announcements
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
New Books
New Journals
Call For Papers - 13th Annual International Conference
Vol. 10 No. 01 (October 2002)
   Issue not available.
International Conference in Vienna
Boston Location is Offical Site for 13th Annual SCTPLS Conference
Chaos on Kos
Noted Nonlinear-Science Theoretician, Musician, and Mathematician Dies Unexpectedly
Jeff Pressing: A Retrospective
News From Members
Holly Arrow Groups at Work
Dick Bird International Character
Meg Sphon "Better than a Blank Line"
Final Announcement - International Nonlinear Sciences Conference: Research and Applications in the Life Sciences
Minutes of the SCTPLS Business Meeting Portland, OR, USA, August 4, 2002
Who's Who in the Society
Nonlinear Dynamical Book Catalog
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf - New Book Announcements
Articles of Organization
President Elect Bollot
Vol. 09 No. 04 (August 2002)
   Issue not available.
12th Annual International Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. Listing of Abstracts, Alphabetical by First Author.
Fractals for Outer Space
Manuscripts accepted for NDPLS
Invitation to SCTPLS '02 Speakers
Second Announcement: INSC
Vol. 09 No. 03 (April 2002)
   Issue not available.
Portland Conference Plans: 12th Annual Conference: Chaos and Complexity in a Changing World
Redundancy Improves Reliability
New Data Library Acquisitions
Letter to the Membership
First Announcement: INSC
Can People Predict Chaotic Weather?
Nonlinear Dynamics 101: The NK Model
New From Members
Wonderful webbage
Genetic music?
Wavelets for everyone!
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Complexity Digest: The Next Generation of Computers Perhaps
The 12th Annual International SCTPLS Conference (description and registration forms)
Vol. 09 No. 02 (January 2002) View Issue
Society is Portland Bound
President's Message
Dick Bird Elected President
SCTPLS Euromeet Announced
ASU Professors Analyze Coverage of September 11 Attacks
Who's Who in the Society
Commemorative: Francisco Varela (1946-2001)
Safety in Complex Systems
Winter Chaos 2002 Conference News
News from Members
Call for Papers: 12th Annual International Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Wonderful Webbage: Complexity Scientists Study Terrorism
NDPLS Library Recommendation Form
Vol. 09 No. 01 (October 2001) View Issue
Terrorist Attacks: An Open Letter
Society is Portland Bound
Minutes of the Business Meeting, Madison August 8, 2001
Who's Who in the Society
Book Review: Self-Organization and the City
News from Members
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
New Answers to Old Questions: Mommy Where Did I Come From? (Complexity Digest)
NDPLS Library Recommendation Form
Dues are now due; ISCTPLS 2001-2002 Membership Renewal Form
Meet the President-Elect Candidates, Ballot
Vol. 08 No. 04 (August 2001) View Issue
11th Annual International Conference Program Issue
Manuscripts Accepted by NDPLS
Nonlinear Dyanical Bookshelf
11th Annual International Conference Program Issue
Manuscripts Accepted by NDPLS
Nonlinear Dyanical Bookshelf
Vol. 08 No. 03 (April 2001) View Issue
11th Annual Conference, Summer Conference 2001; Madison Wisconsin
President's Message
Guest Speakers' Highlights of Madison Conference Schedule: Attractor Esthetics; Nonlinear Organizational Dynamics: A Retrospective; The Complexities of Complex Economic Systems.
Pre- and Post-Conference Workshop Summaries
Cool Stuff in Madison
News from Members
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Wonderful Webbage: Secret Agents or Agent Secrets
Complexity Digest
Simulating and Visualizing Complex Systems
2001 Conference Registration Forms
Vol. 08 No. 02 (January 2001) View Issue
Mad World Awaits Chaos: Summer Conference to be Held in Madison
Dooley Re-Elected
New Website Announced:
President's Message
Winter Chaos 2001 Conference News
Trends in Chaos and Complexity Theories and Computer Simulation in the Social Sciences
News from Members
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
SCTPLS Data Library and Analysis Project
Work with the Boundaries
Call for Papers and Symposia 11th Annual International SCTPLS Conference
An Invitation to all SCTPLS '01 Speakers
Where Are the Nonlinear Dynamics?
Complexity Digest
Vol. 08 No. 01 (October 2000) View Issue
Philadelphia Meeting
New President’s Message: Mad City is Next
Minutes of the Business Meeting
News from Members
Rand Conference on Complexity and Public Policy
SCTPLS Philadelphia Conference: Influential Terms
Articles of Organization
Complexity Digest 2000.19
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
President-elect Candidates’ Brief Statements & Ballot
Vol. 07 No. 04 (July 2000)
   Issue not available.
Conference Program Schedule
NDPLS Calls for Creative Theory Papers
Conference Program Abstracts
Vol. 07 No. 03 (May 2000)
   Issue not available.
Philadelphia Summer Conference News
News from Members
Self-organization of Cognition and Applications to Psychology
Mastering Complexity – Doing It, Not Just Talking About It
New Self-Organization Process Discovered: Multiple Basins…
Complexity Digest
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Registration for 2000 Annual International Conference and Workshops
Vol. 07 No. 02 (March 2000)
   Issue not available.
Philadelphia Attracts, Program Emerging
New Society President Elect: Dooley Elected
Self-organization of Cognition and Applications to Psychology
Informs 1999, Philadelphia, PA
Complexity Digest
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf (Compilation)
Call for Papers, 10th SCTPLS, Philadelphia
Vol. 07 No. 01 (December 1991)
   Issue not available.
Republicans Create Chaotic Change
Berkeley Conference Highlights
David Loye Honored: Humanitarian Award
Business Meeting Minutes
Chaos in Moscow
President-elect Candidates’ Brief Biography
New Chaotic Systems Discovered
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Articles of Special Interest
Wonderful Webbage
Brief FAQs for SCTPLS
Membership Renewal
Vol. 06 No. 04 (July 1999)
   Issue not available.
Schedule and Abstracts, SCTPLS Conference in Berkeley
Vol. 06 No. 03 (May 1999)
   Issue not available.
Noted Theorist, David Loye to Speak at Berkeley
Conference Highlights
Darwin’s Lost Heirs and Heiresses and the Rediscovery of Their Heritage
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
Registration for the 1999 Annual International Conference and Workshops
Vol. 06 No. 02 (February 1999)
   Issue not available.
Abraham and Abraham
Theory and Practice Workshops Planned
Bob Porter Re-elected
News from Members
Call for Papers: 9th Annual International Conference SCTPLS
Attractor Reconstruction with Principal Components Analysis for Work Flows …
Nonlinear Dynamical Bookshelf
You Can Order Nonlinear Dynamics Books from the Society
Vol. 05 No. 04 (July 1998) View Issue
Vol. 05 No. 03 (April 1998) View Issue
Vol. 02 No. 06 (August 1995) View Issue
Vol. 02 No. 05 (April 1995) View Issue
Vol. 02 No. 04 (December 1994) View Issue
Vol. 02 No. 02 (June 1994) View Issue
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Vol. 01 No. 04 (November 1993) View Issue
Vol. 01 No. 03 (March 1993) View Issue