Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, Vol. 12, Iss. 4, October, 2008, pp. 359-369
@2008 Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences


Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling in ECG Analysis: A Heuristic Guideline

Aydin A. Cecen, Central Michigan University
Cahit Erkal, University of Tennessee

Abstract: We highlight some of the pitfalls involved in the analysis of electrocardiogram data (ECG) when the correlation dimension (CD) estimates are used to discriminate between various states of the human heart or to distinguish healthy dynamics from different types of arrhythmia. It is argued that due to the PQRST complex, high autocorrelation and/or short data sets, the CD estimates would be distorted when continuously sampled ECG voltage data are used instead of beat-to-beat (RR) interval series.

Keywords: cardiology, chaos, correlation dimension, electrocardiogram, low dimensional attractor